Nomad Yachts


Elegant, luxurious and powerful in performance, the Nomad range was first unveiled to acclaim in 2015 at the Dubai International Boat Show, quickly seeing wider international success as it was debuted across Asia, Australia and Europe. With its sleek contours, sophisticated interiors and outstanding ocean going performance, the Nomad collection has quite literally redefined the on-water living experience

Nomad Yachts continues to expand its portfolio and innovate, pushing the boundaries of design. It recently launched the incredible SUV Collection – the Nomad 95 SUV, Nomad 75 SUV, and Nomad 65 SUV – adding to the already hugely successful Nomad 55, Nomad 65 and Nomad 75 models, which have been making waves in the industry over recent years.

At the heart of Nomad Yachts evolution is celebrated British naval architect Andrew Wolstenholme. Alongside the Nomad in house design team, he has helped to create something unique – a true long-range luxury yacht, able to master all weather conditions and reach into territories that would have been unthinkable before, whilst retaining superb levels of comfort and style.


“It is not that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better…" – Sir Francis Drake, famed 16th Century voyager


The quest to pursue new horizons and to explore uncharted territory is fundamental to the human experience. Nomad Yachts’ are built for those looking to fulfill their adventurous spirit and perhaps escape the noise and chaos of everyday life. Therefore, Nomad sea craft have been created with an understanding of this passion; this urge to dream freely in vast blue oceans. When you step on board a Nomad yacht, life suddenly looks very different. Our awe-inspiring creations will make you feel both immediately at home – and yet start your heart racing as the possibilities stretch out before you.


To live up to the expectations set by our global clients’ intrepid spirit, Nomad Yachts offers serious ocean-going performance. The soul of a Nomad yacht is its semi displacement hybrid hull, a design that sets the boat apart and provides its distinctive seakeeping and ocean-going capability. For those looking for more adventurous cruising, this robust hull design is constructed to cut through rough seas with a much smoother motion, providing a more pleasant experience for guests and crew onboard. Equally at home in calmer waters, the hull is extremely efficient and comfortable at medium cruising speeds, offering excellent range for long distance passage making. 


Revered manufacturer Gulf Craft has been a leading innovator in boat design since 1982. The company continues to redefine the way enthusiasts experience life on the water by developing high performance, ever more luxurious craft for local and international clientele wanting something truly special. Passing unique skills from generation to generation, Gulf Craft combines tried and tested techniques with cutting-edge technology. The company prides itself on developing ever more ingenious ways to ensure its craft are ergonomically sound, highly practical, and spatially perfect. Expert hands work tirelessly to create an exceptional product, considering each yacht an individual work of art.