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Reimagining what is possible in terms of space and performance, this stunning yacht collection incorporates extreme comfort, functionality and safety in sea craft that truly capture the imagination.

Unique features across the range include the master cabin being at main deck level – not below deck in the hull, as in all other boats of an equivalent size. For a touch of extra elegance, curved windows surround the front half of the cabin providing great views and an abundance of natural light. Boats in the SUV range also feature an enclosed sky lounge on the upper deck, another feature not found on boats of equivalent size.

A new era of individual ocean exploration has begun.



The Nomad Fly Collection is renowned for providing complete comfort, as well as being resilient against every kind of weather condition. You can find Nomad Yachts cruising in far-flung places such as Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and beyond.

Engineered to provide total safety and ocean-going capability, the yachts are both robust and chic in design, ideal for sea travellers who have a genuine appreciation for time spent out on the water.

The soul of a Nomad Yacht is its semi displacement hull, a design that sets the boat apart and provides its distinctive seakeeping and ocean-going capability. For those looking for more adventurous cruising, this robust hull design is constructed to cut through rough seas with a much smoother motion, providing a more pleasant experience for those onboard.